Commercial photographer by day, artist by night, I’ve been a professional photographer for 25 years. My latest project took flight three winters ago when I came across a conspiracy of ravens after a day of cross country skiing in February, 2014.

The ravens nest together in the winter before dispersing to larger territories after the snow melts. I’ve focused my time with them during and after snow fall to emphasize the contrast of the black birds in a white environment. The window of time is limited and it’s taken three seasons to build a suitable amount quality of images to begin exhibiting this work.

The best description I can give about spending time with these birds is pure joy. They are playful, intelligent, cunning, and at times silly creatures. Never feeling alone, time spent with them is interactive as opposed to an outsider looking in. On many occasions I’ve photographed them in raging snow storms, camera covered with plastic tenting, body bundled in layers of clothing, and loving every minute being out there.

I’ve been fortunate to be involved in many interesting photography projects over my career. My first large body of work began with extended backpacking trips into the high mountain wilderness of the western U.S., leading to many exhibits and lecture presentations. From 2007 to 2010 I took trips to Rwanda documenting the recovery from genocide and return to peace. In 2011 I was involved with a medical relief team and other non-profits in Haiti, leading to extended trips documenting the plight of the Haitian people. My most recent is with the ravens, and will continue in the coming years.

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