Artist Presentation – Photographing Ravens in the Wild

raven photgraphy lecture artist presentation

"Such and amazing presentation! It was all mesmerizing.

I loved how perfectly the beautiful images lined up with the the stories you told. "


April 26th, 2019  -  7:30 to 9:00pm

PushDot Studios, 2505 SE 11th Avenue, Suite 104. Portland, OR 97202

Often close enough to feel the air rushing through muscular wings, photographer Adam Bacher brings his stunning images to life with riveting stories about photographing Ravens in the wild. Myths from long ago and soulful inspiration awaits you. Beautifully delivered and full of poetic messages, this presentation will leave you inspired and wanting for more.

The presentation will be followed by a QnA and informal discussion with behind the scenes information about his process photographing Ravens in the wild.

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2505 SE 11th Avenue, Suite 104. Portland, OR 97202

Comments from previous presentations:

“I found myself wanting to take notes about your words but couldn't pull my eyes away from your images on the screen. I was transfixed." - Wendy

“I loved everything about your presentation. You did such a fantastic job illustrating your photos with so many great stories. I particularly liked your advocacy for people to find carefree time, something I need to do better myself.” – Patrick

"You're such a fine story teller, Adam, you brought tears to my eyes. Very moving just like your photos, which tell so much in the beat of a wing or the snow on a thoughtful face of a raven - majestic in it' life and so meaningful in yours." - Claire

"Thank you for sharing that powerful reminder about taking care of ourselves, slowing down and appreciating the natural world.” - Betty

"Such and amazing presentation! I loved how perfectly the beautiful images lined up with the stories you told. It was all mesmerizing. Thank You!" - Daria


All images and content Copyright 2019 Adam Bacher.  Absolutely no usage without prior consent.

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