Raven Myths and Legends – Overview

Raven’s journey has been interwoven with humanity since the dawn of recorded time. Figures identifiable as Ravens or Crows appear in the Lascaux caves in Southern France, dating back 17,000 years. In European cultures, Raven is frequently  depicted as a helper or messenger for the Deities.  And in many stories, Raven is a foreboding omen of death. In native North … Read More

Ravens: Inspiration for Carefree Living

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Raven watches sunset and orange clouds from snowy branch. Carefree Time – The Importance of Scheduling Time to Recharge (Part One) The pace of life gets quicker every day. We run faster and faster to make a living, support our families and choose what information to take in or leave behind. The average consumer is exposed to 5000 thousand brand messages … Read More

Not Your Average Headshot

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Not your average executive head shot, but if you knew Ravens, you know they would be the first to claim executive status. Raven profile in snow storm – Winter Chill. Ravens are smart, cunning and mischievous.  Their brains are more similar to mammals and primates than to other birds.  Flying monkeys is an apt metaphor. Spend enough time with them and … Read More