Artist Presentation – Photographing Ravens in the Wild

“Such and amazing presentation! It was all mesmerizing. I loved how perfectly the beautiful images lined up with the the stories you told. ”   April 26th, 2019  –  7:30 to 9:00pm PushDot Studios, 2505 SE 11th Avenue, Suite 104. Portland, OR 97202 Often close enough to feel the air rushing through muscular wings, photographer Adam Bacher brings his stunning … Read More

Riding the Storm Out – A Blizzard of Ravens

All New Work The snow collected in feet not inches, on the slopes of Mount Hood this February. Trees turned a cold hue of winter storm white. Winds blew steady at 35, gusting to 60. Snow forget how to fall, accelerated horizontally in the relentless storm. Ravens flew high in the chaos of a blizzard, an inkblot Rorschach riding the … Read More

Raven Myths and Legends – Overview

Raven’s journey has been interwoven with humanity since the dawn of recorded time. Figures identifiable as Ravens or Crows appear in the Lascaux caves in Southern France, dating back 17,000 years. In European cultures, Raven is frequently  depicted as a helper or messenger for the Deities.  And in many stories, Raven is a foreboding omen of death. In native North … Read More

Not Your Average Headshot

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Not your average executive head shot, but if you knew Ravens, you know they would be the first to claim executive status. Ravens are smart, cunning and mischievous.  Their brains are more similar to mammals and primates than to other birds.  Flying monkeys is an apt metaphor. Spend enough time with them and their personalities become apparent. From my experience, interactions … Read More