Am I a Crow or a Raven?

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If you called a Raven, a Crow, the raven would surely be insulted, and probably carry a grudge.  If you called a Crow, a Raven, the crow may or may not be insulted, depending on it’s mood.  Do you live in the city or the country?  If you live in a city or urban area you’re most likely in the company of crows. Ravens prefer larger territories and the solitude of open country.  

raven looking down from perch
Ravens are 2-3 times
larger than crows,
weighing two to three pounds.
The typical crow
weighs less than a pound.
Ravens have large
prominent and
curved beaks.
Crows have narrower
smaller and
straighter beaks. 
raven facing camera with other ravens in background
raven soaring by snow covered trees
Ravens have
or wedge
shaped tails.
A crows tail
is fan shaped.
Ravens soar
with wings
Crows flap
their wings.
raven calling facing up with beak open
Ravens have
deep voices
with more 
of a croak. 
Crows  have a
shriller voices
and "caw"

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