Raven Myths and Legends – Overview

Raven’s journey has been interwoven with humanity since the dawn of recorded time. Figures identifiable as Ravens or Crows appear in the Lascaux caves in Southern France, dating back 17,000 years.

In European cultures, Raven is frequently  depicted as a helper or messenger for the Deities.  And in many stories, Raven is a foreboding omen of death.

In native North American and Shamanistic cultures, Raven is the Deity itself.  Seen either as the actual creator of the world, or having a great part to play in its creation.  Raven is the trickster god.  A mischief maker with a twinkle in his eyes, who can either be Hero or Villain.

Myths and legends about ravens appear throughout history.  I'll be blogging soon about some of my favorites.  Can't wait that long?  Here's a page link with more myths and legends about ravens. If you have any you'd like to share, please send an email: info@conspiracyofravens.com

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