Ravens: Inspiration for Carefree Living

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Raven, sunset and orange clouds from snowy branch.
Raven watches sunset and orange clouds from snowy branch.

Carefree Time – The Importance of Scheduling Time to Recharge (Part One)

The pace of life gets quicker every day. We run faster and faster to make a living, support our families and choose what information to take in or leave behind. The average consumer is exposed to 5000 thousand brand messages a day. We look at our phones over 80 times a day.

The biggest challenge in life is not taking it all in, but finding time to take it all away. Take ourselves away.  Away from the frantic pace and demands of work, advertisers, politics, and the little device we carry in our pockets.

We need time to change our perspective, to refocus and reconnect with ourselves, to recharge and to remember all we have to be grateful for. This is CAREFREE time. It’s important block out some carefree time on your schedule to recharge and be your best. Carefree time is when we’re the most creative and insightful, and feeds productivity throughout our lives. Only when you’re at 100%, can you give at 100%. I spend some of my carefree time photographing Ravens.

Next week I’ll be speaking at the Portland Rotary Club about carefree living and how Ravens in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest inspire me to be my best.  Please join me February 6th, from 12:00-1:15 for a keynote talk on Ravens, photography, and inspiration for carefree living


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